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Faint positive or evap?

Hello all,
First I want to say I have spent many years going through fertility treatments and I suffer from PCOS. I have not had a period in months which is nothing new for me. I have been taking natural herbal supplements to help correct any ovulation issues for the last 3-4months. I usually take ovulation tests weekly and pregnancy tests monthly just to track things. I was feeling ill yesterday and had some recent pelvic pain with ovarian pain today. These are results from a pregnancy test this evening, I have driven myself crazy reading forums and articles and I am so impatient, I plan to take another test in the AM. What do you all think? The line is a little more pink when actually viewing it.


  • I'd say that looks the start of it and similar to my first test when I got my bfp this month! :) I did another one the next morning with fmu and it was a lot darker! Best of luck xx
  • Trying to stay positive but I re-tested this am and it was bfn. Going to try again in a week, thank you and congratulations 🍾!
  • Sorry to hear it was a bfn ... hopefully it's just a little early! Best of luck! :) And thank you! 
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