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Confused testing! Pls help!

This past Saturday I was extremely nauseous all day and took 2 pregnancy tests. Both clear blue digital pregnancy tests came back “Pregnant”. The next morning I took another which resulted “Pregnant” again! We have been trying for baby #2 so we both got extremely excited. Yesterday (3 days later) I had the sudden urge to take another test for the heck of it. I took a test that evening and it came back “Not Pregnant”. I assumed maybe I drank too much water during the day. I took another this morning and it came back “Not pregnant” as well.... This didn’t happen with my first one so I’m not sure if this is normal or not. I am going to call my Dr as soon as they open to see if they can do a blood test today. Has anyone ever experienced this and still ended up actually pregnant?


  • When is your AF due?
  • I’m sorry, I don’t think I know what AF is.? If you’re referring to my period it was supposed to start today, but has not.

  • Yes, sorry. Okay so that means you first tested 6 days before your period was due, that is a bit too early for reliable results. The best would be at least 2 days after your period was due, if you have regular cycles. 
    Did you do a blood test already?
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