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Between 5-7 weeks preg

Hi everyone just looking some advice to see if anyone was in the same position.

so basically I had my last period on the 3rd December 2020. 

Positive test on 4/1/21.

Went for earlie scan just to make sure all was ok as going from 3rd dec I would be 7+2. 

But as she said it’s not really from last period date it’s from conceived. 

So the scan showed a very normal gaesational sac but no yolk sac. 

If I go by conceived I would only be max 5 weeks. But she says for me not to worrie. 

But I can’t help but not did anyone ever have anything like this. :(. A worrier here as it is and it will be a long 2 week wait now till my next scan. 


  • Hi lovely, I'm so sorry you're going through this. I've always thought that you base how far along you are on your LMP which would make you 7+3. Was it a private scan that you went for? I think that they might date it differently but if you go to the NHS dating website they would definitely put you as 7+3. 

    Did you use ovulation sticks to see when you ovulated the month you conceived? You may have ovulated late that month. Do you have long cycles? Did they do an abdominal or transvaginal scan? All these factors can have an impact on what you would see on an early scan. 

    I had an IVF pregnacy and went for a scan at 7+3 and they could only see a sac and that unfortunately ended in a miscarriage two weeks later. As it was a IVF pregnacy we knew the dates exactly so there should have been more showing on the scan. However, this was just me and there are many success stories on the internet of ladies being in the same position where they ovulated late due to long cycles or scanner technique. Can you ring your local EPU and speak to them, they should see you straight away. 

    Again I'm so sorry you're going through this. I have my fingers and toes crossed everything is ok. Please feel free to message back or pm me if you have any questions. Big hugs. Xx
  • Thanks so much for your fast reply, am so sorry to hear u had a Mc. Are you going for another round of Ivf am sure it’s extremly tough and worrieing :(. My scan it was a transvagional scan. She said the sac looked healthy and that everything around the sac looked normal but she can’t confirm if the yolk is there or not as my womb was sitting awkard? She also said I had a cyst on my right ovary. She said I would not tell u to worrie as everything looks normal n she can’t confirm that the yolk isn’t there as she can’t get a full view of the sac correctly. So I’m hanging on to a bit of hope. I haven’t had cramps or bleeding or anything. I honestly think I ovulated around day 18 into my cycle. I’m just hanging on to some hope.. don’t know just going to defo be a long wait. Yes my periods were ranging anywhere from 28-32 days. So that would put me out by 4 days less than 7 weeks n then if I go by the later ovulation? I don’t know I’m just so worried as I have 2 Healthy daughters never went for earlie scan but we did this time as we were trying for 4 months and it our last month to have a baby due to house and wedding commitements :(
  • Hi @Nireland2020 how are you doing? Is your sca. In the next few days? X
  • Hi, @sas1101 yes the scan is on Saturday at 9am just wanna get it over with. Had no bleeding and still all the usual nausea on and off. But I have two girls and would of had bad spots etc and not like that. But having mad crazy dreams n started sleep walking which I never did lol. How r u keeping?? Xx
  • Hi @Nireland2020, sorry I've not checked in for a while. How are you? I hope everything went well with the scan. X
  • Nireland2020Nireland2020 Regular
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    Hi @sas1101. So it ended up blighted ovum, went yestrday and was told sac n placenta still growing and I could leave it happen naturally but could be weeks I said no if no we baby there I want to feel in control and took the pills. Took them at 8am and have started bleeding after 35mins. Not upset now understand it is what it is now as that’s what was planned for us and I just wanna get ttc or move on again 🥰 I never seen a baby and there was a good chance no baby got a chance to grow they said that it is just a sac n placenta so I’m ok with the thoughts if that. how r u xxxx
  • @Nireland2020 I'm so sorry to hear that lovely. I was there at Xmas and they kept on scanning me until I was 10 weeks! I had surgery eventually but like you was happy to move on. Have you just taken the pills? 

    I read that the chances of a another blighted ovum after having one are extremely rare. I thought of it as my body wanting so desperately to be pregnant so held on to it and I thought that can't be a bad thing ☺️
    Are you going to try asap? 

    I'm good, i have my appointment with the misscariage specialist next week so it'll be good to get more tests done. I've spent the last 1.5 years with my legs in stirrups what's another couple of months 😂 xx

  • Are u currently ttc? I don’t know if I can deal with another loss at the minute if we were to try again. But I would really love a baby. It’s so scary as I still wouldn’t of had a clue if we didn’t go private for the scan.. I’m 12 weeks and they said I could of let it longer but I said no I wanted the pills. Took them at 8am dismorning just have bleeding so far no clots etc so they say I have to ring after lunch if I tink it worked n if not in for d & c tomor?? I just wanted to be normal and in control I’m a extreme worrier and have to know what’s happening when etc and I found it hard to deal with the unknown. 

    Are u ttc the last year and a bit?? Must be so hard and the worrie of it all. So sorry your going through this xxx
  • sas1101sas1101 Regular
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    Hi lovely, yes it was the same for me I was worried about it going on for longer and I was still having symptoms so I wanted it over and done with. I actually was booked in for a D&C but started to miscarry naturally on the ward waiting to go down to theatre. It was a horrible experience for me as I was alone and the nurse didn't check in with me and I was left to use a toilet that pregnant women were giving a urine sample in. The bleeding was quite heavy and I had to be put on a drip. It wasn't the most idea situation. I ended up having the D and C also as I was there and all prepped. Being at home will be better as you'll.have your home comforts and can get into your own bed. Xx

    Have you got the day off work? I hope it started soon for you. The d&c wasn't bad at all and if opt for that again if I had to. I'm the same with the unknown so it's good that your in control of it. Get yourself a snug as you can and get the painkillers into you now. Big hugs. 

    I'm still TTC, I've been TTC for over three years now 😔 I've had three rounds of IVF, 2 was the blighted ovum and two chemicals, so it's been a long journey. I have an appointment with a miscarriage specialist next month so will pay for a few tests and then decide if we want to embark on any more treatment. I'm very tired and my body is battered but I have a little in me to carry on a little bit further. I'm 39 so have said of ingrt to 40 and it hasn't happened then I'll give up. Xx
  • Ah my god you have had it extremly hard. Hopefully the specialist will give u more answers and maybe have another route that will work for use. I wouldn’t give up hope just yet :(.  CAnt imagine what or how ur feeling.. 

    that’s awful they made u use the same toilets as pregnant women & you going through heartbreak:( I was in yeattday and seeing the ladies coming wit there we bumps and green folders is hard.. 

    I have been bleeding from earlie but passed no clots at all. So I am in tomor to get a date maybe Friday for D&C. My scan yestrday showed noting different that the sac was still normal n didn’t look like it was moving :(

    I can’t even imagine how your feeling. Did u have the two chemicals together and then the two blighted ovum? They say blighted ovum can happen for many reasons :(. I tink it’s a hard miscarriage as the unknown n then wit all the succes stories on the internet doesn’t help. I feel like I’m googling everything are u like that?? X
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