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Another month not conceived feel heart broken

Hi my names katie me and my partner have been trying for a baby 2 years in March (had coil removed) toon around a year to have my periods any kind of normal for the last 10 months they been around 26-28 days in between this month I gone to 31 days I started to get my hopes up kinda yesterday ordered a test which will come Saturday and started bleeding about an hour ago well spotting but it’s it’s how it starts for me anyway I feel I got no1 to talk to about it as I don’t want to do my friends head in it’s really starting to make me wanna give up I been referred to fertility clinic am still waiting should be around next month ( would of been sooner but the doctor who referred me the first time made a mistake and it never got sent off) am 36 years old my partners 30 we do have a child each from a previous relationships both 13 and together a 5 and 4 year old but we really want just 1 more if you got this far thanks for reading just need to get it if my chest how absolutely heart broken I am this month I think the fact I was this late and started getting excited to just come on anyway feel like my body just wants to trick me xxx


  • So sorry your feeling like this.. I have a different situation we were trying for baby 3 took us 4 months I know that’s a lot shorter than what u and ur partner are trying. But for the first 3 my periods were that over the place with the stress of it happening etc I said on month 4 that was it and I wasn’t tracking or trying anymore as we could only try for 4 months as we have wedding and house commitements and it wasn’t the right time for a new born. But sure enough we got pregnant on the 4th month. I would say don’t loose hope. From now til you hear from your clinic about tests try not to think about concieveing and put it to back of mind easier said than done. But just never know could happen. If u ever need a talk am always here to help any way I can. X
  • Hi Katie,

    I’m sorry to you’re on this difficult journey. I’ve been ttc no 2 for over a year now. I’m here if you need to talk 😊.

    I hope fertility clinic gives you some answers. I’ve been privately and it was v reassuring to go!
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