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Sharp pains - Two week wait - BFP?

Just wondering if stabbing pains in the two week wait is a symptom you had and got a BFP?

I noted down at 6DPO last cycle I had 'cramps' in the middle but I can't remember if they were AF type cramps or this stabbing pain. Dec & Januarys cycle ended in BFP's and miscarriages.


  • Just to update, In case it's helpful for future members ---- I did end up with my BFP only 3 days later. It must have been implantation. 
  • @Minch406 This is promising 🥰.. I’m getting sharp pains both sides. Congratulations and thank you for the update (considering know1 replied) winds me up when you see a story sounding like your own and never know the outcomes. All the best to you and baby xx 
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