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Chemical pregnancy ?

Hey y'all, ive been feeling weird and different this month. I have been having unusual cramping and I no longer enjoy the taste of coffee (i drunk coffee every day). Every test I've taken has been faint but there are some dark ones. i was a few days late for my period. i started spotting a little then bled for 2 days. The flow was like a normal period but it was brown and light pink. I hurt really bad on the first day and i could barely move for 2 hours. I never had a short period before so I'm wondering if i had a chemical pregnancy. I've been hurting around my uterus everyday. My boobs still hurt as well which is not normal for me. I've also been feeling nauseous off and on. 


  • Catj21Catj21 Regular
    edited Jan 30, 2021 5:37PM
    Are you sure your not actually still pregnant? A lot of women bleed early on in pregnancy 

    I seem to think that a chemical pregnancy would result in a slightly heavier period rather than a shorter one. 

    Have you taken another test? 
  • i took test today and it is still a faint positive within the time frame. I bled like i would a normal period. The flow was like one but it was only 2 days. I dont remember ever having a short one.
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