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First morning urine my hcg test today am I pregnant pls comment I’m going out my mind ? 💙


  • I think I see something, but it's a bit too blurry really. Test again tomorrow morning maybe? Do you have a digital one? 
  • I don't see anything to be honest I'm sorry x :( 
  • What is going on? How many new threads and user names are you going to open? You posted that pic many times before
  • @Bundaberg ahh always good to see this user back :/  she was called Sweetie back in the day (I think like last August!) Happens every month under different usernames and endless spamming! If you hit the report button Admin will probably look to block ... again! I really wish people would stop commenting as it might stop the spamming then! x
  • I've come across many trolls in my life, but with things like that I really fail to see what the kick is for the user. But hey, whatever floats their boat right 
  • @Bundaberg I can't decide if the user is just really desperate to get pregnant or if they are just 100% a troll ... either way I think they need some help. Not fair to all the women who genuinely are looking for answers and are longing for a baby! 
  • @TeeAli22 good question. I lean to #2 as it's the same picture over and over, so if you're desperate to get pregnant I assume you will re-test every now and then 
  • @Bundaberg wait until the users AF shows and they put plenty of graphic pics on asking if it's implantation bleeding! Like you said, difficult to see what they get out of it! 
  • Oh no is that the same? I tend to click on it first thing in the morning and don't know how to handle my day after that  :D
  •  :D the one and only hahaha! 
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