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I think I can see a faint line...Any Opinions?

I haven't been feeling well and I thought I had what was my period but it was too short lasting only 2 days compared to the normal so I thought well I must not be pregnant then. Then I started feeling nauseous every day at different times , light cramping, having to pee at least 3-4 times an hour and a few other things I'm spacing out on right now. So i decided to test two days ago and saw a faint line that I checked a few minutes after the testing time so I figured I was imagining things and decided to to test again today the line appeared right away but its still faint. Can you see it too? If its true I'm about 5 weeks and 2 days pregnant.


  • I'm sorry I think it's too blurry to see anything really. Do you have any chance on getting a digital one? Way less guesswork to do there :)
  • I thought about continuing to keep testing but I heard a lot about clear blue and its error messages and false results although that can be any test I suppose. Thanks for checking
  • The clearblue is really good, but only when used after your AF is/was due. That would be your case if I read correctly?
    If you test earlier with the clearblue tests you have a higher chance of having a false negative, that's true. 
  • That's definitely more re-assuring, I'll see about picking one up.
  • Keep us posted xxx
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