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  • Just a quick update from me, I’ve had slight cramps today, tmi but I’ve just gone to the loo and there was the tiniest bit of pale blood in my knickers. I’d say as much blood as if you had a papercut. My af is due Wednesday. As it’s my first month off the pill I’m not sure if this will be normal or not. Maybe it’s implantation or maybe it’s just AF making an early appearance 
  • Can I join please? Cycle 3 of TTC for me. 2 dpo today ☺️

    Already have a 2 year old daughter 
  • Hey @catj21 welcome 
  • Still no more blood but cramps are still there. So strange
  • @Lucyros3x silly question but how do you know when your AF is due when it's your first month off the pill? It took me around 5 months until I had a regular cycle, and the first cycle was around 2 months or so... 
  • To be honest I’m completely not clued up about it all, I’m just going from when I would have come on if I was on my pill. Don’t really know how it works  :s just getting a little stressed at the moment from what’s going on 
  • Almost nobody has a 28 day cycle. That's just how the pill works. Just google around a bit and get yourself informed, it takes a lot of stress off your shoulders :) 
    Basically your cycle starts the day your period starts and ends the day your next starts. That's how you can start calculate your most fertile days - your ovulation. 
  • Hello! Hope all are doing good! Took a few days off from work & didn't get a chance to check in...

    I probably ovulated around 12th Feb., based on my phone app & somewhat dark opk! Now at 2-3dpo.. Too early for any symptoms i feel!
  • I'm 7 dpo, don't feel anything either. But not many do, so early. Fingers crossed, @Apsa1819

  • Bundaberg said:
    I'm 7 dpo, don't feel anything either. But not many do, so early. Fingers crossed, @Apsa1819

    @Bundaberg Fingers crossed  :)
  • I’m 5 dpo today.
    Mild cramps and still a lot of CM. Could this be our month? 

    Maybe too early for symptoms though 
  • I had mild cramps yesterday night. But that doesnt necessarily mean anything, right... my AF is due on Sunday. I'm much calmer than last month, thankfully! 
  • For me, CM seems to have pretty much dried up after ovulation... hope this doesn't indicate anything! and mild cramps, though only because I'm symptom-spotting  :)
    @Bundaberg : Great, even i have promised myself to be calmer this month & no testing (hope so :P) before AF due date!

  • I’m out this month 🙄
  • Two more days for me (or three, depending on the app) in the 2WW
  • @Lucyros3x sorry love!
  • Good luck @Bundaberg 🥰
  • Lucyros3x said:
    Good luck @Bundaberg 🥰
    Sorry to hear this @Lucyros3x! But hope you get your cycle regular <3

  • Bundaberg said:
    Two more days for me (or three, depending on the app) in the 2WW
    7 days to go for me!!

    @Bundaberg : Any symptoms yet?
  • Last month I had it all: nausea, higher temperature than usual (as per my fitbit watch), everything smelled stronger or weird, cramps, bloated. But it was either nothing, or I had a chemical, I have no idea. But it was weird.
    This month, the only thing I noticed are mild cramps. More like a pulling. That's all... 
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