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Just starting TTC 🥰



  • Lucyros3x said:
    For some reason this month it’s driving me mad. It’s all I can think about 
    Been there @Lucyros3x, TTC is difficult :( ! How is your cycle now? And are you in the 2WW now?
  • Hi! We are on our second cycle TTC and really wanting to connect with others too :) any private (I.e no one can tell I’m in the group) TTC Facebook groups anyone can suggest?
  • @Apsa1819 I came on yesterday so I’m out this month :(
  • Thanks @Bundaberg I feel I need to be a little more proactive now. I’ve just been going on dates, maybe I should be monitoring more 
  • Could be helpful for sure!
  • Lucyros3x said:
    @Apsa1819 I came on yesterday so I’m out this month :(
    Don't worry dear, its the start of a new cycle! And like you told me, it hasnt been long, so dont get disheartened :) 
  • I think i'm out for this cycle as well :( I saw faint lines on 11 & 12 dpo, then today (13dpo), i got up & looks like AF is here! 
  • Oh no @Apsa1819! But is it a "normal" bleeding? 
  • Seems like that @Bundaberg :( usual AF type cramps... i had really sore breasts till yesterday, thats gone now... Is this what is called a Chemical?
  • I think I am out this month as well. I'm 12 dpo and started cramping. AF due in two days so it would be fittimg. 
  • Thats unfortunate dear :(@Bundaberg Hope this doesn't end in AF... Fingers crossed! Take care!
  • Thank you hun xx
  • I’ve been using opk tests this month, my ovulation date was supposed to be today but every time I enter my test results it’s postponing it a day 🙄 it’s confusing me
  • Nevermind, Retested tonight and it was positive
  • Great!!
  • Hey gals!! So new to this. Was my first month ttc last month. My af was 11 days late. 3 bfn and af finally here today. So cycle day 1 for me... nice to
    have newbies on this journey with. Any recommendations on best apps? I am using ovia and my iPhone health app. I’m thinking of starting ovulation testing too, anyone have any recommendations for that too? Xx
  • Hey hope you don’t mind if I can join please? I am ttc and it’s my first cycle 😊 currently 6dpo and waiting! It’s making me so anxious where is everyone else at with there cycles? X
  • Welcome @Lou_lou234 and @Rachael1318!

    I'm on cycle 3 now, not sure if I'm still considered new, but I will act like it ;)

    I have a fitbit tracker and use that app, and also one that's called period tracker, I like that one. Many women here use the app flo which has good recommendation as well.

    I test ovulation as well, I bought the clear blue fertility monitor. It's a bit on the pricier side but I prefer a hassle free method with no guessing. I also got pregnant the first month I used it, unfortunately it resulted in a chemical pregnancy. But it worked very nicely! 

    I'm on cycle day 10, expect my ovulation on the 14th. 
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