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Constant breast pain, nausea, and metallic taste - But still a negative test at 12 DPO????

Today I am 12 DPO and had yet another negative pregnancy test. 

My breasts have been in constant pain for the past 2 weeks, and today they are veiny and blotchy. 
I am nauseous and have a metallic taste in my mouth. And yet; No positive test? 

I took a blood test 3 days ago and that was also negative. 

I even took apart this mornings test (a clear blue digital early detection). In it , there was a faint blue line on the strip inside. However, I know that many say clear blue digital tests always have a 2nd line. 

I did accidentally take 2 birth control pills in the same day this month. But could that be causing all of this extreme pain??? 

Help 😂 Has anyone else have this happen and still be pregnant? 


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