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Could someone please help🤞

Good morning, since coming off my pill last may my periods have been coming every month just never on time if that makes sense! Can range me being late from 3-13 days, so last month on the 29th jan in the afternoon I done an opk and it was blazing! So we dtd that night, and 2 days leading up that 25th and 27th( sorry tmi) I'm just confused as to how many dpo I am and when my period is likely to be, I thought I could be 12dpo? Sorry I'm not very good with the whole cycle thing🤦‍♀️ I done an internet cheapie (onestep) this morning and it was a bfn.. iv had slight cramping and slight tender breasts but nothing major. Does anyone think iv tested to early? Sorry for the long post girls. X


  • Id say your more 11dpo, when you get a positive OPK you ovulate around 24-36 hours after this. It could be that youve taken a pregnancy test a little too early. When i got my BFP i got a BFN then the next day it was a very noticable BFP! So it can change so quick xx
  • Bethanyjean thankyou, you have given me hope 🤞iv also heard mixed reviews about the internet cheapies I brought! So maybe I should get a first response. Xx
  • It also depends on how long your cycle is. The time between ovulation and your next period can be anything between 11-17 days, that's what I learned. The 14 days are just an average to calculate from. But if you're more of a 17 days person, you're way too early to test now. 
  • It verys every month, I could go from being 3 days late to 13 days late? Its knowing when to start testing? This is what I'm confused about! X
  • @Shellc81 do you use opks each month? Or is this your first time?xx
  • Iv been using them for a couple of months now. Xx
  • If it's not so regular it's very hard to calculate. But when is your calculated period due?
  • So the last period I had was 13th jan. X
  • Yes, but how long are your cycles? Or how do you determine if you're late?
  • What I generally do is mark down every 4 weeks and really see how many days/ weeks I go over.. I done a test this morning but unsure if it was the right or wrong thing to do!
  • Looking at my diary I came off my pill last may, I had my first proper period in July so from july until dec they have gone between a 31 day cycle to a 41 day cycle. 
  • 31, 33, 31,41,33,31 to exact 😂 
  • Got it! You see, the 4 weeks is just an average number. My cycle for example is 31 days. So I guess I would calculate with 32 days if I were you. That means your next AF would be around 14th of February. The earliest to test is 5 days prior to your next AF, so tomorrow. But that being said, if your cycle is so irregular, it could also be too early tomorrow.
    Long story short, it was probably too early to test. And try to calculate from your next cycle on backwards to determine when to test. Because the most reliable ones are the ones you use a day after your AF was due. Don't calculate with 28 days, that's just a rule and every woman has her own cycle.
  • Bundaberg thankyou, I kind of feel theres hope🤞 just hoping we timed it right😔 like I said the 29th jan it was a blazing opk but we dtd every 2 days leading up to that date.. you have been so kind setting me straight ❤ xx
  • You're welcome! I know how stressful the waiting is, but you're not alone ;) I think it's better to test later than earlier. Eases the mind a bit. A positive will stay a positive.
  • So I done a first response this morning and a bfn! Think I'm out this month 😔
  • As long as your AF didn't arrive you're not out yet. I'm not a fan of early response tests tbh. Could mean it's negative, could also mean it was just too early to test. 
  • Ahh think I will leave off testing for abit, I thought the first reponse would of said for definite by now! I feel abit niggly not full on cramps! That's why I thought that test would of determined by now😔. 
  • The thing is about the accuracy: They rarely show false positives, but they can't always detect a positive. So basically: if it shows a positive, it is 99% sure a positve. But if it's a negative, it's not a definite negative, it could also be not enough hormone yet to detect it. 
  • Yes think I will definitely hold out to use the other one! Think will try again Sunday/ monday If af hasnt arrived. My last couple months have been 31 days and 33.. so maybe it's been to early. 
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