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Hi I’m new to this. Its been 47 days since last period. I finished pill in December and got a withdrawal period St. Stephen’s Day and nothing since. Did 6 tests all negative. Just went to Doc on Monday and got bloods done. Have a few symptoms, bad migraines, bad lower back pain, boobs bigger but not sore, constipation ,exhausted etc, I’m worried now that it could be something more sinister. This happen anyone b4? Could I still be pregnant?? Bloods take a week to come back to my gp


  • Don't worry too much I'm sure everything is fine. It's totally normal to have very irregular cycles when you're getting off the pill. It takes a while until they're regular again. I had a 30 day cycle first, and then a 60 day that felt like 200 ;) 
  • Thanks for reply ❤️
  • Sure! Just hang in there. Irregular cycles don't mean you can't get pregnant. It's just hard to calculate your ovulation without ovulation tests.
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