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Positive Test?

Hi Ladies, 

Need a bit of advice, me and my SO had unprotected sex on ovulation day, later that day I could could feel cramps, which I assume was possibly the ovulation. A few days ago I had even more cramps. I tested last night (4 days early, naughty I know!) which looked negative straight away and due to needing to get sleep I just left it on the side to clear away this morning and possibly test again tomorrow. On my return this morning it has a faint line, I understand you're not supposed to leave them overnight however I have done this before and not had a line. What do you guys think? It was left for around 7 hours. It's only faint and could be evaporation but hopefully you can see it on the pictures. 


  • Hard to say, as you said, you shouldn't read anything after a certain amount of time. That being said, try testing first thing in the morning. The hormone concentration is much higher.
  • Unfortunately I can’t see anything. But your best bet would be to take a cheapie pink dye test in the morn. Good luck

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