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Could I be pregnant

Hey Ladies. So, I have had the paragard iud for 7 years now after my son was born. Last month my period came lime 5 days early. I usually start around the 24/25 and I started January 19th. I didn't think much of it but noticed I was a little more emotional and moody than normal. Then I ovulated what felt like way early to me( around the 1st of February) and earlier than my period tracker predicted. When that started, I noticed more vivid and strange dreams, along with heavy fatigue. Anyways, after what i think to be my ovulation(accompanied with the nice clear sticky discharge) I noticed some white discharge that comes randomly and I started to think about the possibility of being pregnant again(despite my iud). So, i remembered with my second pregnancy a "symptom" was to squeeze your nipples and if there was discharge you could be pregnant...that was the case for me last time around. So i did it about a week or so ago and since then I have squeezed and there has been discharge. The Montgomery glands on my areolas are way more defined and lighter than normal(Not sure if that's because i keep pinching my nipples or because it could possibly be a sign of pregnancy). Also, my armpits sweat throughout the day, and it is not summertime. I have noticed my internal body temp being warmer in the morning and at night. And 2 days ago came the tender/sore/full breasts. I know this also comes with PMS and according to my period tracker(that seems to be a little off) I start the 18th. I didnt have ANY symptoms with my 2 pregnancies, not fatique, nausea, etc. The only thing I remember sticking out to me was when I squeezed my nipple and there was discharge my last pregnancy.. and its happening again. Am I just overthinking things?


  • Also, I have been more gassy than normal. And TMI but also the past few days been having frequent loose stools/the urge to go number 2 more. So weird.
  • @krishoo87 I would say with an IUD in, it's unlikely and more likely to be hormonal. I would contact your GP lovely x
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