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Help to identify discharge as I’m late on period

Hi everyone, can I get some advice on discharge please as I’m late on my period the chances are I’m not pregnant but just wanted some help. See pictures below. Thank you. 


  • I think this is just normal discharge whether your pregnant or not. 🙂 But fingers crossed you are! X
  • If your late on, I would take a test. I had discharge just like this at the very start of both my pregnancy’s 
  • Hi ladies. Thank you for replying. I’ve been through this before where I’ve been late and period arrived  few days later so probably just that. Been trying for about 10 months. 
  • Hi ladies. Not sure if this is period related or pregnancy but today I have been feeling down got all emotional for a few minutes, felt like I just wanted to go home get in the blanket and sit there watching tv. my boobs feel achy (sometimes get that when my period is about to start) been getting cramps but then they disappear and the passes few night been wanted to go to the toilet about 3am.  not been pregnant before so don’t know 
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