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LH chart help!

BecbrBecbr New
edited Feb 19, 2021 4:42PM in Trying to conceive
Hello everyone!
Thank you for reading my thread. I am looking for some advice on my chart as I am very confused. I have attached this months chart. 
Firstly; I thought I ovulated on 11/02 as I got a peak on the 10/02 however the following week I got a much higher peak on the 15/02. Since then I have continued to check my temp and LH levels each morning however this morning my LH level has risen slight but it should stay low shouldn’t it?! Is there any chart wizzes here who could shed some light? When did I actually ovulate?! This is only my second month trying and using a chart.
Thank you and baby dust thank all 😁 👶 🍼
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