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The March BFP Thread - Let’s make some Christmas babies 🥰

As we near the end of the month i though I’d start this thread for all of us testing in March. I’m cd16 today due to ov late today or early tomorrow so will be testing the first week in March 🥰

good luck and baby dust to all x


  • I’m here xx
  • Still here ☹️AF due 1st March x
  • Hey ladies! Hope you’re all well and we can get March kicked off with a load of BFPs x
  • Rose85Rose85 Regular
    edited Feb 21, 2021 8:36PM
    Hi ladies I’m joining. Af due 2nd March. Hope we see lots of March bfps x
  • Hi ladies, 
    My AF is due 7th March, first month trying! 

    Fingers crossed for you all

  • Good luck @Mumtoboysljn af due for me on the 6th, 5th month off the pill x
  • Thanks @Lh8609

    Good luck to you too :) x
  • @Mumtoboysljn welcome and good luck x

    @Lh8609 I can’t believe these March bfps will be Christmas babies x
  • Hiya all 👋🏼⭐️ 
    AF due 1st March xx 
  • Morning all, how’s everyone doing? I got my temp rise on my chart today and opks have gone low now so hoping it stays high 🤞🏼 X
  • Hiya @Lh8609 all good thanks hun. I keep saying I’m going to temp - but then forget 😅 might try it next month if I’m out... as I’ve been ttc for 6 months now! I deffo know when I Ov - but would be good to do something else as well I guess :) xxx
  • I’ve found it really interesting tbh, to see my temp dip then rise its a good feeling. I’m really positive about this month everything feels different. I honestly think this is the first month I’ve properly ov’d, my opks have done exactly what they should and so far my temp is too 🤞🏼🤞🏼 X
  • Rose85Rose85 Regular
    edited Feb 23, 2021 7:40PM
    @Lh8609 I’m so glad your getting on well with doing your temperature and that everything seems to be going well for you this time. I hope this is your month. I’m 7dpo and no symptoms at all. Boobs are normally painful by now but nothing. My temperature is looking different this month I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not. Also I had some cramping today but I can get that during the tww x
  • What’s your temp doing? Hope it’s all good signs, I had no idea I was pregnant with Caitlin 12 years ago, only took a test cuz I bleached my roots (which I did every month with no issues) and it went bright orange n I thought hmmmmmm somethings not right lol x
  • @Lh8609 Yeah I’m hoping that no symptoms is a good sign especially as I normally have plenty. My temperature normally moves steadily up to a high point after ovulation and then comes down again when af is about to arrive if that makes sense. It seems to have gone up this time and stayed quite stable around a similar temperature for the last few days. I’ve also not seen the usual big dips around 4dpo and 7dpo. It probably doesn’t mean anything but I am hoping. That’s crazy that it was your hair that made you question the first time. There are so many little things that can happen it’s no wonder we try to spot every little thing x
  • The temps sound good hun, I’m so rooting for you. I read about a lady who had a spray tan and went green lol your hormones do all sorts of crazy stuff when pg but you don’t necessarily know about it 😂 x
  • Oh really I better avoid spray tans then. Thank you I really hope that this is your month too x
  • Hi all, joining!! 🤗
     AF not due till 18th..... OV around 6th so all to play for 😉 19th month of TTC 😕 on the list for moving firearms with fertility treatment as soon as lockdown allows but always praying for a natural miracle in the meantime 🙏🏼
    Good luck to all of you 😘
  • Hi you all! I'm back. Well not sure yet, actually. After my positive test last weekend and the bleeding that occured yesterday, I tested again this morning and as I thought, there is nothing really visible anymore. So that means I had a chemical. Doctor told me not to worry, it happens in so many cases, and honestly if I wouldn't have tested, I would have just thought my AF arrived a little bit late.
    Anyway, it wasn't my regular gyn, she was very lovely though and helpful. But she told me we should maybe wait a month before trying again. I already wrote that in the February thread, but maybe you guys know anything about that? Because the only thing I read was to wayt until there is no hcg trace anymore, and then you'll might even be more fertile that month and should just go ahead?
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