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Trying to get pregnant for a year

BobFy1996hBobFy1996h Regular
edited Feb 25, 2021 8:27AM in Trying to conceive
Hi new to this looking for some advise been tryin for nearly 1 year havin previously been on contraceptive jag has anyone had it before now ttc or hav any advice would b appreciated x


  • Hi dear! I'm in the same boat. I've been to my gyn and he told me to firstly check DH sperm and then to come back. But in every country it's a bit different. So I would suggest going to your doctor first.

    Also, don't know if you tried LH strips for ovulation detection. If you didn't, then start there. 
  • Thanks so much for getting back! I hav done ovulation tests it I’ve had a positive/high result however the next day or day after I start to bleed again and I only go a week without bleeding think I will call my doctor x
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