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Anyone know much about hormonal bleeding?

Hi ladies!
Does anyone have experience of hormonal bleeding?
I had a lot of symptoms this month - metallic taste, nausea, headaches, cramps, backache, tiredness.... then AF arrived on Sunday but it was incredibly short and much much lighter than normal - I use a cup so can measure flow and it was easily less than half but it was dark red with some clots. 
Im usually very consistent. 
I’m still feeling cramps in my lower belly and very headachey. 
My mum has told me that she bled right through her pregnancy with me so do you think I’m just grasping at straws??? 🥴🥴
I’ve taken a little break from BBT testing so don’t have that data right now, just a gut feeling 🙄🤷🏼‍♀️


  • Hey KelB79, unfortunately it's very hard to say what exactly it is or could be. So I had a chemical this month and I started to have some smyptoms, like nausea, metallic taste and tiredness. I started bleeding 4 days after my AF was due and it wasn't a light flow, it was really strong actually, that's why I headed to the doctor's.
    She told me that a light flow could also be a sign of impantation, or could be because you've had intercourse for example. 
    Did you take a pregnancy test yet? 
  • I didn’t take a test no, that BFN is always so depressing that I’ve avoided it! I feel like I almost manifest my symptoms by wanting it so much and it’s all just my imagination... but the bleed was so different! I’m gonna start BBT checking from tomorrow again so I’ll see how my chart is by looking I guess 🤔🤔
  • Do you still have the other symptoms like metallic taste? Or did it stop?
    I am very good at summoning symptoms, I feel you :) but the metallic taste wasn't imagination on my side. Nausea, cramps on the other hands, are easier to develop, at least for me.
  • I still feel very crampy (autocorrect just made that crappy!! 🤣 pretty much sums it up!), headachey and queasy rather than fully nauseous. Quite lightheaded too. The symptoms aren’t as strong as they seemed to be pre AF..... 
    I seem to be able to instantly summon metallic mouth 🙄🤣
  • haha I feel you, crappy is a good description as well :)
    Well, maybe wait out a couple of days and then do a test? I mean, there is no way around it in the end... 
  • True that  ;) Thank you!
  • You know, I really don't want to test early again. I told myself only to test if I'm more than 3 days after AF was due to avoid being bummed about a BFP - or worse, a positive that won't stick. But after that, there's no way around testing :) I mean, of couse you can wait until there's no denial anymore that you're pregnant ;)
  • Totally! The BFN is horrible, I’d rather be in full time denial 🤣🤣 much prefer a hopeful attitude than defeatist one 😉 ha! It took me ages to get my head around how the cycle works - when we were first TTC I’d test at really random times! I haven’t tested now in ages, just wait for AF as I’m pretty clockwork. AF’s arrival is enough disappointment for one month - I suspect I may have had a chemical or two but, honestly, I’d rather not know.... that emotional rollercoaster is just too much for me! x
  • My AF was due 9th February however had a a strange period on Saturday 6th that lasted just the weekend, very light, so very usual, I mentioned this on the forum I am In here on the Friday 12th, 2021 February ttc group, and one of the lady's said to test so I thought why not, I have loads of cheapie tests off ebay, and there it was my bfp. Same day I did a clear blue digital and that also came out 1-2 weeks. Very odd as I did test on that Saturday 6th and it was a negative and straight after that strange period started !! 
  • Omg congratulations!!! That is awesome news!! Oooooooh I don’t want to get my hopes up but I guess it always worth a test if you’re not sure 🤷🏼‍♀️😊
    hope it’s all going well for you xxx
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