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evap? faint positive? WTF?!

Bit of back story. I decided in January to stop OPK and actively trying because it was getting a bit too much. So Feb only have a rough idea when I ovulated based on EWCM and cramps (7th-11th Feb CD26-CD30) Which is late for me anyways... I normally have a 33 day cycle and 13 day LP. On the 17th (CD36) or (CD1?) I started getting a bit of blood. Bright red, but not much. Second day, bit more than day before, still very red. Day 3, red but hardly any and then stopped. I then got my new OPK and HCG tests delivered from Amazon on the 23rd, so decided to take one of each. 

23rd: 6pm got a vvv faint line in the time frame 
24th: 7am vvv faint line in time frame and 2pm got a different test from pharmacy, also vv faint line (this is the one with the top case taken off as couldnt get a clear picture of it with case on)
25th: 7am vvv faint line, looks exactly the same as the other days

So my question is, considering my GP told me today I am probably just "seeing what I want to see", do you also see these lines? they are faint but they are there. What are the chances 4 tests, from 2 different brands are wrong?

I know you are probably thinking JUST WAIT AND RETEST IN 2 DAYS! but I am feeling so bummed out by the GP comment! I didn't even go there for that, I have been having such severe headaches I booked before I even took those tests! I just mentioned them and got that response.... 

TIA X Hope everyone doing alright going through this bullshit TTC and a bloody pandemic!


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