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Is this an evap line or faint pos

Hey so I took 3 tests 2 were non digital and taken 1 day apart in morning. These lines appeared not sure if evap or faint pos? Digital was not 0regnant. I'm not sure when my period is due as I have lost track past few months. My breasts are tender and have white discharge 


  • Can't really tell hun , try taking a red dye test from a morning urine when you wake up as these blue ones tend to have a lot of evap lines appearing. X good luck 
  • I can see a line, it’s faint also why the digital hasn’t picked up your pregnancy yet, it requires a stronger amount of hcg, re test with a pink dye and good luck xx
  • took the other clear blue in the pack and it is becoming darker 
  • How did you get on? Did you get your BFP? :)
  • This answer is going to be frustrating, but maybe? The blue dye tests notoriously leave blue evaporate lines, and sometimes they appear dark. I took a couple last year with faint lines and it was negative. Try a pink test to be certain. 
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