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Am I pregnant

I start from the beginning I'm on the mini pill but unfortunately the doctor took me of them for six weeks I had unprotected sex while being on the mini pill but I haven Evan had a period since been on them and now I'm worried I've taken a pregnancy test 7 of them and I've had 3 positives and 4 negatives I took a clear blue tonight and it's negative but I'm 5 days late and feeling so unwell having all of the spytoms z

What's shall i do


  • I don't think I understand. You said you were off the pill for six weeks but you had unprotected sex while on the pill? Are you off the pill right now? Because that could be why you're late. And when did you do the tests? You should do them first thing in the morning after getting up. Otherwise I can just recommend going to see a doctor to get a blood test?
  • I took the first response and it had a very faint line. I took a blue digital and it said “not pregnant” am I just imagining this line? Need help I’m suppose to get period today or tomorrow 
  • I'm not on the pill atm as a break for six weeks but we had sex while I was on pill before the 11th February 20201 then I had sex again on my break but cannot remember when 
  • Here’s another one 
  • I'm confused, sorry, just realised there are two users writing in the same thread.

    @Personal135 I can see a faint line. Test again in the next days and see if the line gets any darker. The digital ones aren't as sensitive as the pink dye ones, so it's possible that the digital test doesn't pick up the hormones yet. Fingers crossed!

    @Catherinelmrose Chances that you got pregnant while still on the pill aren't that high, if you took them regularely and didn't take any medication. If you had unprotected sex while on the break, that's of course another story. Test again tomorrow, first thing in the morning. But false positive tests are very very rare... 
  • would you say this is positive or evap line? I don't want to get my hopes up, and will test again tomorrow, just curious of others thoughts 
  • @Bundaberg I had unprotected sex on pill and on break but I did use a condom 
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