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Newbie and loosing my mind

Hi everyone! 

So, my partner and I decided we would try for a baby. It's only our first cycle. My AF isn't due till the end of the week, but noticed blue veins on my breasts so did a test - BFN. Did I test to early? I've never noticed blue veins on my breasts before, but I was on the combined pill, which I stopped mid Jan. Could this be a new PMS symptom now I'm no longer on the pill? 

Any help to remain calm would be amazing. Just wanting this so much now we're trying 



  • The waiting is horrible and get more aware and start noticing symptoms when your trying with all my pregnancies I've got negative tests until the day or the day after my af is due so try and wait out if you can to avoid disappointment most pregnancy and period symptoms are so similar aswell it's hard to determine until your late good luck 
  • Thanks so much for your reply x 
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