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Faint positive but just finish period few days ago

My period came early. Instead of 25th Feb 2021 it came on 22nd feb although there's no sign of period. Bleeding as per usual but it only lasted 4days which is till 26th Feb 2021. Had major headaches and tummy doesnt feel right since yesterday. So today just for fun want to check (who knows im pregnant although i knw its impossible) while waiting i saw the T line slowly appear and within time frame. But its faint. But can clearly see. Can we be pregnant although we just finish our 'period' few days ago? Please help. Should i test again or just take t as false positive?
Please help. Any advise or comment will do. 


  • I would recommend to test again in the next couple of days and see if the line gets darker. Fingers crossed! 
  • @TryingforAmiracleBaby it could be implantation bleeding, although thatis usually much lighter than your usual flow and only lasts up to 3 days.  I think best to test again in a few days time, if it was implantation bleeding ur levels will double every 24 hours u wait and the test will be more definite.

    Good luck xxx
  • @_Abby_ will check in few days if the line get stronger. Thanks x
  •  I've hold 4hrs of not pee-ing. Still faint line. Visible in real life. Maybe i should just wait for 2 more days then i will check. If not i will be crazy checking every single day. Wish me luck please! 
  • More clear in this photo. Wish me luck please anyone. I know its kinda impossible to be pregnant after period ends few days ago but who knows this time miracles does happen. I shall try not to put my hope high incase its false positive. 
  • False positives are very rare though. If you tested positive but the line doesn't get darker but fainter as time goes by, it could have been a chemical pregnancy. It's unfortunately quite common, but if you don't test before your AF was due you won't even know. 
    I had the same thing last month. The good news after a chemical is: it worked, you can get pregnant. Also, the fertility is higher in the following month. 
    But still fingers crossed for you that the line gets darker! Bleeding can have many reasons and it doesn't have to be a chemical causing it. 
  • Thank you for the explaination @Bundaberg

    i shall test in few days time. I test again this morning. I need i think to put the test kit away from me or ask my husband to hide somewhere i dont know. If not, i i will keep test every single day and i know its not healthy because we will tend to put our hope high. This is today test . Still the same. Faint. Its there but not dark enough to ensure me its BFP. 

  • Hello! Just saw your thread and I am in the same position. I had 3 day "lighter than normal, but not as light as implantation bleeding supposedly should be" about 10 days ago, started getting faint lines a few days after, tested every day, bad idea! There was preogression but not much. Tested 3 days after and defo progression! I hope this happens for you too! Fingers crossed this is your lucky cycle! 
  • Hello @TalulaBella so end up u get your BFP ? Ohh my. Hopefully this time is my lucky cycle.. if not, then its okay. Shall try again. Wish me luck!! Xx
  • @TryingforAmiracleBaby I am having more tests delivered today, so when I get home later on I will take one and see if those are positive. Haven't tested since Monday but out of like 8 tests only 3 were FMU and all had lines! Even a pharmacy early detection brand has a line. But if a 3rd brand of test has a faint line, I am going to ring my doctor and see if they will retest me there or blood test. Not spending 17 Euros on a digi!! 
  • Do update! Goodluck to you! Xx
  • Update for today.

    idk whether its getting lighter or the same as the line is there but still faint. Hrmmmm... 

  • Hello, mine barely got darker over a good few days! I think the cheapies don't always get the darkest lines! I did get my BFP, but it took 10 days to get a fairly dark line on those! Defo try again in another 2 or 3 days. And if you see progression, you will keep some answers. The waiting is the worst. 
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