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Covid vaccine whilst TTC???

How’s everyone feeling about having the Covid vaccine whilst TTC??
I’m 41 and it’s coming around sooner than I expected! I’m so unsure.... I pretty much treat my body as if it’s pregnant right now just in case it is and I don’t know yet......


  • Hey, I've been giving this a lot of thought for the past few months, because I was offered the vaccine and back in December it said on the government website that they don't recommend you take it if you're planning to get pregnant in the next three months... But then they changed that in January, and now it says, there is nothing to suggest that the vaccine would be harmful to a potential pregnancy, but it's your own choice. Which basically means, they can't say "it's completely safe, you should take it" because there hasn't been a study with pregnant women yet.

    I also know that a lot of pregnant women with no prior health problems have got really ill from covid and a lot have even died, so it will definitely make you a high risk person if you get pregnant. So in the end, I decided take the vaccine. 
  • I agree, the vaccine advise changed in January, and I think thats a positive. 
    We should all be making our own decisions on it though, once pg its recommended not to have it, but the science isn't really there yet to say fact they say it likely would be safe, but it's an added risk they don't want to take at the moment.
    There are some good articles about this one of my favourites is on Tommy's website, it makes it clear that trying to conceive and having the vaccine is absolutely fjne scientifically speaking. Xx
  • The doctor I went to told me that if you have a bad reaction to the vaccine, then the chances are high you would have had a bad case of covid. She told me she would recommend the vaccine to everyone that is trying to get pregnant and didn't have covid yet. And also told me to better do it before getting pregnant, just because it's not necessary to be stressed out and worried while pregnant. 
  • Thanks everyone... that’s actually put a totally different slant on it in my head - I was completely focused on the risk of having the vaccine rather than the risk of not having it 🙈 I’m fit and healthy with no underlying conditions so consider myself low risk for Covid but genuinely didn’t think about the fact that being pregnant would make me high risk 🙄🙈 
    anyone know if they’ll do the second vaccine if you were to be one pregnant between the two?? (Wishful thinking I know 🤣🤣🤷🏼‍♀️)
  • I don't know for sure but i don't think they would.  BUT its important to remember even 1 vaccine covers you for a good % and reduces hospital admissions...the second is a further top up and improvement in its effectiveness.  Xx
  • Hi everyone, we have an article about this subject right here which we hope might help?

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