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8dpo v faint or dye run ?

1st picture was taken straight away 
2nd picture was an hour after 

I duno if I'm seeing things 


  • id say dye run, you shouldn’t read a test after the time window has closed which is usually 10 mins as it can dry and leave and evap line. Try again in a few days, 8dpo is still very early so plenty of time to get your bfp still. good luck! X
  • I see it, but I’ve got terrible line eyes today so not really to be trusted. Fingers crossed for you for next couple days, hope you get a bfp! X
  • This mornings frer looks bfn to me :( 
  • I do see something faint maybe do another in a few days time x
  • I really hope so! Iv tried my best to do everything and more this month I feel drained from ttc 😔
    I changed the contrast in the pic and I can see something but wasn't sure if I was looking at it too much and starting to see things haha
  • Veeeeery very faint but I can see something I think. Re-test in a couple of days, if the line gets any darker. How many days before AF are you? 
  • AF is due on 8th or maybe 9th. I didnt want to waste a frer this morning so I did a cheapie and I threw it in the bin as it looked bfn to me
  • I see. You're still very early, in the best case 4 days before AF. You see, in that phase a BFN isn't necessarily a BFN, as the hcg levels might be still too low for a test to catch it. The tests might say they're "99% accurate" but only if it's a positive. So long story short, it can mean you're negative but it can also mean it's not negative. Best to try again when your AF is due or even better when you're overdue. Fingers crossed!
  • Ok so I'm 11dpo today and this is me now 
  • The line is defo there hun! Your first tests look like my first ever ones on my little girl who is now almost 1, and the lines look like they’re progressing as you go along! It’s still early days xxx
  • Thankyou ! Its a squinter and I wasn't sure if there was colour to it but it showed within 3 mins. I was worried it was an indent line ?
  • Mine were all this faint for a while so I wouldn’t say indent x

  • These where this mornings 12dpo so I'm guessing I'm negative 😫
  • Not necessarily. You said your AF is due Monday, and many don't test positive until they are 3 days or more overdue. In the end, you're not out until AF showed up. 
  • My period arrived today. These must of all been indents 😢 ill be using clear blue next cycle 
  • I'm sorry to hear molsx! It's still possible you had a chemical, that's why it picked up the lcg hormones and showed a line, although faint. 
    Treat yourself well hun! xx
  • 😢  so fed up of all this now ! 
  • I'm really sorry for you hun! We're here for you to rant. I know it's hard, getting a BFN after having the hopes up in the 2 weeks wait. How long have you been trying for?
  • Over a year now 😢 I had a mmc at 11 weeks in July and I thought come my due date 20 Jan we would be pregnant again but here we are going into March and still nothing 😭 
    Iv started acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine for fertility this cycle 🤞
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