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Hello, mamas!

I took this first signal test yesterday morning. Period not due until Friday/Saturday, but I thought maybe. 

The control line came up very faint, actually fainter than the faint test line. At first there was an ink smudge in the middle of the two faint lines. But then it settled and the lines both just appeared faint.

Is this positive or is it defective? Input and personal shares appreciated! Thank you 🙏 


  • I'm sorry love but I think it was a defective test. The control line should have colour and be much darker then it is. Maybe try another test from a different batch?
  • Winter2020, thank you. I thought that might be the case. But I ended up calling Equate and they told me this is a positive result. According to them, the reason that the dye blot was in the middle for a bit and both lines looked faint is because I put too much urine on the test and the hcg pulled from the control line. 

    I need to retest for sure, because I still think what you said could be true. However, I do feel pregnant. I will update when I get to the store for another test!
  • Oh darling I really really hope this is your bfp!! Have my fingers crossed for you, please keep me updated! Xx
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