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Another line eyes post 👀

Please, someone, slap some sense into me.. I can’t be more than a week post ovulation yet I went and did a hpt this afternoon. 🙄

And now I’m seeing things that aren’t there and obsessing already. 😓

The thing is I’ve been feeling rotten for the last few days: extremely tired, dizzy, moody and nauseous, I almost thought I would be sick today after lunch, which is why I did the stupid test in the first place... 

There’s not a vvvfl on this ic is there? 


  • Sorry love but I don't see anything
  • Okay thanks! 
  • Mine looked like this last night and I was convinced I saw something but they’ve gone blank now and I’ve had a few brown spots this morning. I’m not sure how much I trust these strips I might stick to frers and clear blues from now on. Hopefully you’re just testing too early hun x
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