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11 days late but negative test

Lou27hinkLou27hink Regular
edited Mar 11, 2021 8:43AM in Trying to conceive
I’m 38 been trying to get pregnant for over a year, I ovulated on feb the 14th after a week I had 2 days of very light spotting! My period was due the 28th of feb I’m officially 11 days late done a test and it’s negative :( I’ve never missed a period ever!!! Has this ever happened to anyone else?? 


  • Did you test first thing in the morning? Do you have any other symptoms other than late AF?
  • I didn’t no! I did it about 4.00 and just back ache and feeling tired.
  • Try again with a test with your morning urine and see if anything changes. What type of test did you use?
  • A clear blu digital one xx
  • I'd say test again with a non-digital one as they tend to pick up any pregnancy hormones a earlier, as they are more sensitive. And test in the morning. If it's still negative, maybe see your doctor? 
  • Lauren1409Lauren1409 Regular
    edited Mar 13, 2021 7:35AM
    @Lou27hink how did u get on? I'm 5 days late. Temp still above coverline. I feel uncomfortable like bloated and sore back. Still nothing, bfns! Might phone my fertility nurse on Monday if af doesnt arrive over the weekend or iam lucky with a bfp! 
  • Hey it’s came back negative but still haven’t come on I’ve had a really bad back ache also, haven’t been able to speak to my gp
  • Don’t test with a clear blue digital yet!! They will not pick up a pregnancy if hormones are too low.. avoid disappointment and just test in a few days if not ask doctor for bloods x
  • Did it happen to you? Xx 
  • I'm gonna defos fone on Monday as my tummy is quite sore now. Argh. Il let you all know. I don't have hopes up but see a wee late bfp would be amazing xx
  • Good luck @Lauren1409 & @Lou27hink - rooting for you!! 💜💜💜
  • Thanks! I'm just super confused as to what's happening! 
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