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For a laugh.... how wrong did you get it???

Was anyone else as totally ignorant as me pre TTC?? 🤣

I totally didn’t understand my cycle!! I thought you’d pretty much get pregnant by sniffing sperm at any point in the month (thank you school sex education lessons putting the fear of god into me!!) 
initially I was basically testing after every time we DTD 🤣🤣 it cost me a fortune!!
massive shock to actually learn the truth! 🙈
Im glad if the journey in some ways... I definitely know myself better now!!
what about you guys? xX 


  • I never expected TTC to be so hard and emotional.  Never realised how complex it is 
  • With my first I fell pregnant with my ex with out even trying by the time I had my second I was convinced it would happen again took me 6 months to conceive and didnt get why it wasnt happening with my 3rd and 4th I got used to watching my body and fell  pregnant second month with both of them 
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