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TTC - 8 years. Advice please!

Hey!  So March 6th 2021 was our 8 year anniversary of TTC.  I've always been disappointed but always just figured it wasn't my time.  But I'm turning 28 this year and wanting to do everything I can to finally get a positive test!  Any advice welcome please.  I'll write my time line below;

2013 - had the implant removed from my arm - started ttc 
2015 - went to the doctors as nothing was working, had my blood results back and I was told I needed to be referred to a specialist as my vitamin levels were dangerously low, testosterone was very high etc. 
2017 - finally had my first appointment with specialist (gyno) was told I clearly had pcos after tests, told to cut out carbs, take viatmins (40,000 vit d every other week) and 5mg folic acid.  Also told to lose weight and not come back until my bmi is under 30
2 MONTHS LATER - ovulated for the first time!! 

---- still taking those now ---- 

2021 - i've lost some weight but still not under 30.  I haven't been tracking ovulation as I should, but I feel the ovulation pain every month so I think it's still happening. 

I'm now going to give this another go - but properly this time.  I have Ovulation strips, Conceive Plus for me and the mens version for my partner, as well as Conceive plus fertility lubricant.  I also have a blood sugar tester which I'm going to be using just to be absolutely safe (diabetes runs in my family), I've given up coffee (I don't drink alcohol) and my partner has given up his alcohol!! And I've got a private blood test booked just to check all of my levels, which I'll be doing every 6 weeks.

Is there anything else I can do?  I'm desperate to get pregnant before I'm 30 (25 months).  I feel so deflated right now. 

Any and all advice welcome x

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