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Faint line?

Hi everyone, I’ve done a test and I’ve got a faint line. I’ve done a test after and they are negative. What do I do? Am I pregnant? 


  • Someone please help I don’t know if I’m just being hopeful 
  • Hi I see something in the pictures!! Clearblue requires a lot of HCG so won't always show up positive if testing early. Maybe try a first response early response but I'd definitely say you're pregnant congratulations
  • @winter2020 Hey, thanks for the reply! I didn't know if it was just a evap line as I have been googling non-stop. Do you know the difference between a faint and a evap? 
  • winter2020winter2020 Regular
    edited Mar 15, 2021 12:47AM
    @elsie123 an evap is usually colourless. I can definitely see colour in those lines though!! Did they show up  within the time frame?
  • @winter2020 There is colour yes but it was time after the time frame so I am in two minds, what do you think? 
  • I think you are positive, congrats! If you can, buy a first response one with pink dye? I heard a lot of positive things about them (more reliable when testing before AF is due, less dye run)
  • Id say thats a positive hun. I used them tests and for a while and always got a line like this the clear blue continued to say negative until mg hcg had increased. The blue tests are more common for evap lines. Try again in a few days and see if the line increases in colour xx
  • @elsie123 how long after the time frame did they show up? Usually a result after the time frame should be ignored
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