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Ttc need help with opks and bbt charts

Hi, ok so ttc with partner I have endometriosis, adanomyosis and pcos and have struggled to conceive my entire adult life I'm now 30 i started charting opk's ant bbt about a month ago I started using premom app with preview ovulation tests (have now switched to easy at home tests a week or so ago) and now also use easy at home app,fertility friends and femometer and when I switched to easy at home tests I started charting my tests in a book. I think I had a period from the 23/feb to the 27th which is the first since around August last year in wich I blead for a few months straight with only the odd day off every now an again and before that no period for 2 years when I do get AF it is usually very heavy this period was very different it was so light I didnt even have to use anything ... no spillage what so ever and was very light pink I've done tests and am not pregnant but I cant make sence of my charts I got one peak on premom but the test itself wasnt positive and was the day I started bleeding .. I know every woman has different lh levels and even though it was very low that was still my highest one yet and it has been going down ever since most days the second line is practically non existent.  I also use a clear blue ovulation monitor which says high every single day without fail ... I was hoping to get some insights on my charts and see what everyone else is saying they just dont add up to me the bbt charts say I ovulated on the 10th the most dominant test I had around that time was on the 6th and that was super low this is so hard! 
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