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Line eyes

Am I seeing things? I am a day late though so maybe I surely there wouldn't be a need to squint. 


  • I'm not sure if I see anything it's a bit blurry. Did you test in the morning? 
  • I didn't this is midday probably 5th pee! I don't think it is there is a slight line shadow everytime I looked at it but it's not coming up on the photo well and I doubt it is. I'm expecting my period given it would be a complete miracle if it was a positive but you know how it is, if af doesn't come keep poas! 
  • I'd still try again, but first thing in the morning. It's when the hormone concentration is the highest. Who knows, miracles happen :) fingers crossed for you
  • I am getting watery discharge now which is usually a sign of my period starting so that was probably a fiver wasted on the stick! 
  • Keep us posted hun xx
  • Period started but thanks for the support! Definite line eyes 😭
  • So sorry @Iski2021! Treat yourself well and do things you couldn't do if you were pregnant. I know I always treat myself to sushi and wine and gin ;)
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