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TTC after miscarriage but before Next Period

Nireland2020Nireland2020 Regular
edited Mar 18, 2021 1:44PM in Trying to conceive
Hi ladies, 
Below is the ovulation n hcg tests. Would love some views and help. 
I know some ladies may not agree with what I have decided to do. 

But I thought this was our best chance at concieving. 

So I’m 3+2 from after my blighted ovum miscarriage. Had a scan to confirm all has passed. 

Midwife has said i should have negative by 3 weeks on hcg test. I have been tracking ovulation & it’s light but gone up dark again. My hcg test is starting to rise again but this line has got darker after time. Took another and the line is still there but faint. Do u think I should contact doctor for hcg tests or continue to test myself and wait another couple weeks. 

Thank you. 


  • I would keep testing to see if its a new pregnancy after mc, did you test the hcg out, like was it negative before today ? 
    I too had a mc, was meant to of been 7 weeks but started bleeding on the 1st March and my pregnancy tests went negative within days of the bleed and also had a private scan as I was hoping everything was OK but it just confirmed the mc really as I got told she couldn't see anything and my uterus was meant to of been alot bigger for 7 weeks, midwife at the doctors also told me it could take upto 3 weeks to go negative, but mine only took a few days. I haven't been tracking with opks this cycle but haven't been preventing it either as I am too praying we will get caught ASAP. I have also taken a pregnancy test and I swear I see something, its not a good line like yours mind but don't want to get my hopes up as its only been 19 days since I started mc bleeding. Really hope its a new pregnancy for you hun x
  • @Gemma303 oh I’m so sorry to hear u had a Mc. It’s so hard isn’t it mentally. 
    My tests where a lot fainter than that. Then some I blaintly would of had no line. It’s just so hard to judge? I feel like am going out of my mind in ways lol

    I’m on day 23 from Mc, had a lot of brown on tissue dismorning not cm or anything I don’t know how to explain it. Still have a faint faint line noting major but. I’m so confused what is going on. Specially with the ovulation sticks but there strong then faint then strong I don’t know what’s going on with them. I don’t know where I am with a cycle either lol: 

    how r u  feeling are u still bleeding or stopped?. Have u been ttc long? Xxx
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