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Faint line or wishful thinking?

Hi, can anyone tell me if I'm going crazy trying to see a line or if there's one actually there? 
Thank you!


  • I see something. Did it develop within the time frame?
  • Hi @Bundaberg yeah it came up almost straight away but hasn't gotten any stronger.... maybe I'll try again in a few days?
  • I'd do the same, but it looks very promising! Did you test first thing in the morning / when you got up? And when is or was your AF due?
  • It wasn't my FMU I had been up a couple of hours before and was too sleepy to remember🤦🏼‍♀️😂 
    AF is a tricky one, I had a miscarriage back in February and haven't had AF yet
  • I see! If your cycle would be the exact same as it used to before, would you be overdue or close to the AF date?
  • Well I'm tracking it through 2apps and with ovulation kits and both apps are saying I'm 11days late
  • I mean, it is a positive test after all, so congrats! Test again tomorrow or the day after, but with your FMU and see if the line gets any darker! 
  • Thank you @Bundaberg
  • That’s a positive.. in the next few days it should get darker good luck xx
  • Am I positive or not? I'm confused. Pls help here. . Thanks
  • @Joy08 that certainly looks positive! 
  • Looks positive to me, too!
  • Positive! Congratulations xx
  • Thank you! I already have 2 kids,but this is the first time I bleed,I mean like I have menstruation,which is mostly impossible since I'm pregnant,what should I do,pls help me. . I tried another p.t this afternoon and this is what I got,but I'm still bleeding. Pls help.
  • My mother had her period for 6 months and didn’t even know she was pregnant ! I bled for the first 16 weeks of my pregnancy, and then again at 23/24 but everything is fine. I was told it was blood needing to leave my body, I now have a very healthy cheeky 1 year old girl xx
  • Morning ladies, I retested this morning again wasn't FMU but I think it's stronger today🙈
  • Looks very promising! 
  • Hi

    I'm new to this forum but I've always accessed this site site for pregnancy related queries. I've a situation where I had a faint positive test as in picture but subsequent tests were negative. I am overdue by 11 days today and my periods have been irregular for last year or so. I'm 43 and trying for another one. This positive then negative test cycles have thrown me off and I'd appreciate any help or advice from mums with similar experience or any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you. 
  • Hi @MJ2017! The positive and negative situation can become awful stressful! Personally I don't think the Femometer tests are very sensitive, I used them too and like that some had a faint positive and others had nothing at all! Maybe try a First Response or bloods with your gp? 
  • Hi J
    Thank you for your response. I will check it out. 👍
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