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Testing in April - The Spring BFP Thread 💐🤞🏼



  • Congrats lovely start to the thread @mummae26 x
  • I’m optimistic as in my last 2 pregnancies that we all know turned out to be chemical, the hormones never for high enough for a digital to pick them up! Should be due around the 9th December! Fingers crossed this one is a sticky one x
  • Hey everyone! I am 10dpo but started spotting yesterday so I think af is on her way.
  • @Lh8609 Hey. Sorry for the late response but I'm doing good. I've kept following the pages that havent been responding as much. Kinda sucks to see that we're both still here and so many have moved on. I see you posted that you're trying to be more relaxed for the upcoming cycles so hoping that really works out for you. 
  • @Poca92 I’m trying to stay away from all things ttc related lol. Finding it really hard atm never guessed I’d still be here 6 months on. Glad you’re ok hun x
  • Moving over from the March thread... had a v.faint positive a few days ago... however AF arrived in full swing this morning :( two months on the trot having +‘ves. This month I’m gonna chill out a bit with it all and see what happens. I know when I Ov so not going to bother taking Ov tests xx 
    good luck girls, hopefully this is our month! 💖⭐️
  • So sorry love, I’ve done the same the last week or so. When ov didn’t come on time I had a mini meltdown lol. I’m still temping but I’m not using opks any more. If I don’t make it this cycle I may even drop the temping and just go with the flow cuz honestly I’m getting obsessed and it’s getting me down x
  • Lauren1409Lauren1409 Regular
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    Hello all. I had an ultrasound of my pelvis done yesterday and and internal look around where she saw nothing sinister and said my ovaries looked healthy. So it's good to know but also sucks knowing they can't see anything and it's taken this long to get pregnant again! TTC numero 2 and it's been since Sep 2019. 😩 Never give up never give in I suppose! 
  • Congratulations @mummae26 !!
    Hopefully this is a sticky one for you!

    @Lauren1409 oh how frustrating when they cant find out what's wrong!! Was it easy to conceive your first? Just wondering because we are also ttc #2 and hopefully it is as easy for us as #1 was! Best of luck 😊
  • That’s good hun but I understand the frustration. Are you/oh having any more tests done to see if they can find anything? Definitely never give up hope it’s not as easy as it sounds but if we haven’t got hope what have we got eh? X
  • @thinkingpositive1 number 1 and 2 were easy for me, almost instant infact. 1 2 and 3 for my partner were easy for them also, but number 1 for us as a couple just doesn’t seem to want to happen 😓 x
  • Hi Ladies, I'm new here. Hoping for lots of advice, guidance and some fun. I'm due to get married in April so hoping there will be plenty of baby making opportunities! Good luck to everyone wherever they are at in the process x
  • Hey you found us! What a fantastic wedding gift a bfp would be, I’m due next Monday, impatiently waiting lol x
  • Would be a fantastic gift! Keeping my fingers and toes crossed. We have been thinking about for a while now as I'm mid MSc as well as working full time.... but on the other hand we thought there's no time like the present really. What else can we do in lockdown?! My O day is tomorrow... have already made the most of our fertility window. Feels weird trying not get our hopes up so soon. So many mixed feelings! 
  • Can anyone recommend an app? Also wondering if anyone uses the ovulation trackers. So many questions
  • I’ve been using [email protected] ovulation tests and the Premom app which are brilliant but I’ve stopped using them cuz it just started getting a bit much, I ov’d late this month and it sent me into a bit of a meltdown so I’m just temping now and logging it on fertility friend. If I’m unsuccessful this month I think I’m going to stop temping aswell and just let nature take it’s course. We only have till august then need to think about what we’re going to do as i don’t want to be waddling down the aisle having just given birth lol x
  • Thank you for sharing. Fair enough... technology isn't always the best for our mental health. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. I didn't like the idea of waddling down the aisle either! We are actually having two weddings. A small ceremony next month with our chosen 13 guests then full numbers next year. Hoping to 'pop' out a baby in between weddings.... if that is even possible. Realise I'm probably not being realistic as I'm just coming off the pill but who knows. We shall see!
  • All the best! X
  • You too! Happy wedding planning also!! x
  • Lauren1409Lauren1409 Regular
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    @thinkingpositive1 yea I was on the pill the first time around!
    @Lh8609 still waiting to get my tubes flushed with the dye so hopefully soon. I have a fone app on the 12th April so will be asking for some medication to maybe help with eggs in case I not releasing any! 
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