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Testing in April - The Spring BFP Thread 💐🤞🏼



  • hey ladies so idk why but i had a digital and a reg first response so i decided to take them just to see the reg one was very pos but the digital one said negative im 6 weeks pregnant what the hell is going on ? why did the digital say negative now i am terrified 

  • and i got several pos digital before this 
  • @Lh8609 oh how strange but crazy how things work like that! Hopefully you guys will have some luck this cycle!! 😊
  • I have now got the 2 week wait is anyone else the same? Fingers crossed x
  • Me too Lou. Feels like the longest wait even though it's my first time. I've already bought one of the early detection tests.
  • Ooo nice to see some early ones on here! I have half an hour left of my night shift I’m dying 😴 
  • Ah I feel your pain! Hope you manage to get home soon. 
  • Me too 7dpo today. @Ashbugg23 how strange is it worth speaking to your doctor? Maybe it was a duff digital test? X
  • Tww here too- 4dpo today xx
  • Sorry to hear this @Ashbugg23 I understand how anxious you must be feeling. When I had my mc I was meant to be 7 weeks but the digital didn't go past 1-2 weeks and was meant to be showing 3+ however the first response showed a blazing postive, as they're so sensitive it didn't bring much I mentally prepared myself for what was to come and unfortunately I did have a mc. Hopefully this won't be your case and fingers crossed its just a faulty test. I also found that the IC weren't as sensitive as they claim as that was basically a negative whereas the FRER was very strong postive and my doctors wasn't interested as I was getting postives on branded tests !! Maybe worth paying for a private scan, that's what I did. Really hoping everything will be OK for you hun xx
  • Had the weirdest thing happen at work last night! Had a little nap on my break, but whilst I was napping I literally woke up choking and retching at the same time and honestly thought I was going to either choke to death or spew all over the staff bed and I couldn’t catch my breath for a couple of minutes after.. obviously I didn’t choke to death nor did I vomit but I had another small 10 minute nap a bit later and the same thing happened again.. honestly felt like I was about to die for a few seconds.. is that normal 😂
  • CD 5 for me.. I am going to relax this month, if I want a drink I will have 1 regardless if I'm in the tww or day b4 AF !! If I forgot to take the folic acid then never mind and If I don't feel like dtd I'm not going to and I am definitely not going anywhere near any tests !! 
  • Would someone be able to help me to under stand what all of the abbreviations stand for? I’m new to this so not sure! Thank you x
  • CD9 today.....
    OV is totally not feeling the love this cycle 😫 he’s taking Champix for giving up smoking and it seems to have duller his desires for literally everything!!! I’m gonna have to work hard 🤣🤣

    so my BBT, although a bit lower than TWW on last cycle, is still above my usual cover line by about 0.3... won’t budge 🤷🏼‍♀️ Anyone else experienced this?? 
    I think I’m still all a bit confused after my last weirdly late, short and strange AF 🥴
  • I was literally thinking the same thing Lou. I've only learnt a couple so far... oday / OV (ovulation day); AF (aunt flow); Tww or 2ww (two week wait).... can't help beyond there ! 
  • In my post cd is calender day so what day you're at of period, tww is the dreaded two week wait, from ovulation to day of period. AF is autie flow so period. Dtd or bd is doing the deed or baby dance so sex. Hope this helps alittle. IC is Internet cheapies so cheap pregnancy tests. FRER is first response early reader pregnancy test so welcome to the group @Lou_lou234 in the nicest way hope you're not here for long haha and you get your bfp soon ( big fat postive on a pregnancy test ) 🙂.xx
  • That’s great thank you @Bride2Be @Gemma303 very helpful xxx
  • @mummae26 did you eat right before your nap? It could be some sort of reflux.
  • Obviously don't know anything about your history back it could be paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnoea or sleep apnoea amongst many many other things. If it happens more regularly I'd go to see your GP
  • great news so it was just a faulty test i ordered more digitals and took them and all pos stupid thing scared the crap outta me ugh welp now just waiting on the 5th for my first check up and scan :)

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