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Testing in April - The Spring BFP Thread 💐🤞🏼



  • Ah congrats @Ashbugg23. Out of interest does everyone need 5 tests ? Or is this something you're chosing to do. Hope you don't mind me asking 
  • Gemma303Gemma303 Regular
    edited Mar 30, 2021 5:29PM
    That is great news @Ashbugg23 you can relax now whilst rubbing bump 🙂 bet that was a huge sign of relief seeing them words. Won't be long now till the 5th xx
  • i mean its a choice i didnt actually believe the first test so i took more lol i was so shocked and excited i was in love with seeing those lines pop up i guess lol and of course anxiety from my previous miscarriage has my anxiety through the roof feeling allot better now but def not doing any more test and those clear blue with the week indicator i cannot find anywhere not even online but oh well my appointment is coming up soon 
  • Aw well bug congratulations to you! 
  • **big (sorry!)
  • thank you love 
  • If you dtd the day before ovulation are your chances still pretty good? Nothing happened on day of ov so hoping I still have a chance xx
  • My app says initially a medium chance before ov then a couple of days before it says high chance so I guess it sounds positive if you've managed to pin point your ov correctly xx 
  • We dtd on Saturday and Monday and I ov Tuesday so hopefully fingers crossed xx
  • @Lou_lou23 def still in with a chance my last two pregnancies we only dtd day before and day after ovulation good luck hope everyone is well have my 20 week scan next week nearly half way there:) 
  • Here we go again! CD1 for me and month 4 of TTC baby #2 😭 I just feel numb! I ov early and really thought I’d caught the day but I know I missed 1 day out and think that’s where it went wrong. Even wasted an FRER this morning because I actually thought this was it then and hour later boom AF pops up! So no 2021 baby for me! 
  • Hello all. We are TTC for baby #2. I am currently 4days late for AF. I tested with a PT Day 1 after I missed my AF it was a very clear BFN. There are a few pregnancy symptom but it may be PMS symptom too. And one thing for sure was I am pretty dry down there. No cm. Would it be possible that I am pregnant? Could CM a crucial symptom for being pregnant? I was late for 10 days in Jan hence now I don't know what to think. 
  • So those of you who have raspberry tea when do you start and stop? I’ve heard it’s CD1 then stop at ovulation? 

    Also I was going to say for some of the newer ones and to share ideas for all of us shall we all put what we are doing this month to TTC?  

    May be good for the ones who have had babies before or who got BFP to share their journey and experience. 

    I feel this may give a nice vibe and hope to the group. 

    What do you all think? 

  • @milecyoj I’d suggest another test if you’re 4 days late if you are pregnant and implanted say day 12 could be that the hgc levels weren’t detected on the test you did at 1 day late. 
  • @milecyoj Did you use any opk's or BBT to verify ovulation? It could be that you ovulated late as well. It could also be late implantation or slow HCG rise.
  • Hey ladies i have just started my journey. Although I already feel a little lost haha. I’m cycle day 35 and I’m normally a Very regular girl. (28/29) days. But I’ve had 3 negative tests. Am i silly for still having hope. Af doesn’t show much signs of coming and normally she does. 🤷🏼‍♀️
    Best of luck to you all this month. 
  • How my mind is feeling today......

    Reasons not to test:
    1. AF is still within normal range of arriving based on the last year. (CD 31, range over the last year has been 27-32)
    2. I've had the usual pre AF intense hunger for rubbish food.
    3. I've had the usual pre AF nose spots.
    4. I don't think we covered enough of the ovulation window.
    5. Don't want to waste money/plastic on a negative test.
    6. Don't want to be sad about a negative test.

    Reasons to test:
    But what if... 😂

  • @Joojoo bless you!! I was exactly the same last cycle! I absolutely knew I wasn’t PG but AF was mega late and BBT was high which never happens. I held out till 4 days overdue - caved, got my BFN negative then started bleeding 🙄 I was still “what if”ing afterwards though as AF was short and weird and BBT stayed high! 
    You’ve always got to have hope right?! Stay positive - you never know..... it might be your month yet 🙏🏼🙏🏼

    So im CD11 today.... still not convinced about this cycle as BBT is much higher than my normal pre-OV but happy to BD anyhoo 🤷🏼‍♀️
    Praying for the final chance of a 2021 small person 💜💜💜
  • My BBT has remained high and AF was a day later than expected so I was hopeful this was our month. I also got a BFN then AF kicked in full force 2 hours later. 
  • I'm CD 18 apparently. Not really testing anything anymore. Last month was 6 days late and I am never like that. Only ever been 2 days late like 3 times in my life! It was quite painful last month and obvs wasn't pregnant. Never get pms pains either. Af due 11th which I day before I return to work. Really hoping this is my month. Last month and this month I had no cm when I normally do. Thought I may have ovulated this week as my ovaries felt quite sore especially when dtd! Feel a bit crampy. Feels good to know all my tests are coming back fine and healthy but need to make that 2nd baby! Why so hard! 🤔😂 Anyways, good luck everyone who may be testing soon! 
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