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Testing in April - The Spring BFP Thread 💐🤞🏼



  • Good luck everyone, I’m 9dpo today, loads of creamy cm, bbt is still high (it dropped by 0.04 this morning but 9dpo last month dropped by 0.12 then carried on dropping) so I’m hoping it stays high tomorrow. Been very tired and hungry, constipated and very crampy, boobs are tender, the odd wave of nausea. I caved and did a few cheapy strip tests and I’m sure I can see the vvvvv faintest line but I had all of this last month and af got me at 12dpo so I’m just trying not to think about it. Busy all weekend with work and a house full of kids so that should take my mind off it. Best of luck everyone x
  • Oooo keeping everything crossed for you @Lh8609 xx 
    im due to Ov a week on Saturday so got a while yet 💕
  • Hi everyone, just wondering if I could have some help interpreting my Premom chart if anyone has been using it for a while? I’m fairly new to all this tracking (ttc baby number 1) and getting a bit muddled! 

    The app reckoned ov day was March 26th. Based on my data from the opk and bbt would you say this is accurate? 

    Thank you in advance xx

  • look looks right to me @Emmstar84, good luck x
  • Here’s mine x

  • Thank you so much @Lh8609. Good luck to you too lovely xx
  • @Lh8609 good luck!! I really hope you join me on the expecting train! Xx
    I feel more positive about this pregnancy than my last 2 chemicals - tests aren’t getting fainter they’re getting darker and AF was due 4 days ago and absolutely no signs of any impending bleeding so I have absolutely all of my fingers and toes crossed it’s third pregnancy lucky this year! I’m going to book myself an early scan in a few weeks for my own peace of mind I think though.. I get paid on the 26th so might try and get one then, if all goes well I would be almost 8 weeks then so will be able to see something relatively baby like - had a scan at 7+3 with my eldest and it was just a blob with a heartbeat.. DH won’t be here though which is a shame but oh well 🤷🏼‍♀️😂
  • So pleased to hear that hun. 

    I’m gona post the test I took this morning, I feel stupid even posting as it’s probably just evap line, it but I swear I can see something. Taken within 5 mins of the test and not tweaked at all although I have inverted it. You can tell me I’m losing my mind I won’t be offended x

  • Sorry the photos come out awful quality on here they look better on my phone lol x
  • There is more of a line on 
  • There is more of a line on that than on anything I got on the test I did this morning
  • I’m not getting my hopes up just yet lol x
  • Can definitely see the line on the inverted 1 so surly there's colour there for it show up like that so may not be the dreaded evap 🙂...i can see the line on the normal photo too but not as clear as the other picture. Keeping everything crossed for you @Lh8609 xx
  • thanks hun, they’re much clearer on my phone but I’m not putting too much hope into it just yet. Praying I don’t get a huge temp drop like I did last month at 10dpo. How are you anyway @Gemma303? X
  • Lh8609 said:
    Starting this for anyone moving over from March. I’m on cd16 today and still waiting to ov so af should be due early April.

    Good luck all x
    Glad its not just me struggling I feel so down atm as if my body isn't working I feel like a failure 
  • Try and keep your chin up it’s easier says than five, I’ve had and awful month feeling so helpless and hopeless so I totally understand x
  • Yes when you upload the picture on here the quality goes down hill lol @Lh8609. I am fine thank you, only on cd 7 and this month I am doing as I please 🙂 feeling much more relaxed xx
  • Good on you that’s exactly what I’ll be doing next month if af arrives next week x
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