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Testing in April - The Spring BFP Thread 💐🤞🏼



  • So what do we think ladies? Came up within 3 mins and it’s definitely got colour to it x

  • I think you will be moving over to the due in December thread ❤ looking extremely promising @Lh8609 xx
  • ommmggggg congrats @Lh8609 there is def a line yayyyyyyyyyy im so happy for you love a congrats is def in order today
  • Hi! 
    CD13 for me OV due around 4th. TTC number 2 I haven’t been using opks as last time I got a bit obsessed and I find I’m a bitmore relaxed without them. I’m in the middle of my ‘Fertile Window’ but not feeling in the mood, I’ve got a terrible cough (not covid) We’ll bd when we can but not holding out too much hope this month.... but secretly hoping this works in my favour! 😂😂
    With my son we conceived the first month we stopped ‘trying’ due to going on holiday after 12 months of ttc! 

  • @Lh8609 that’s a positive for sure!! Congratulations 🥳 so happy for you x
  • Thanks ladies, I really hope so! I wish the photo quality was better on here they look so much better on my phone. Going to test again tomorrow night 🤞🏼 

    Good luck @nikkinoodle5 x
  • @Lh8609 is this the cycle you decided to stop using opks? I remember you posted something about not ttc or something? Xx 
  • No I used them till I ran out and I literally caught my peak with the last 2 on cd18. I’ve just temped since then, I’m now cd27 and 9dpo, af due Monday. The plan was to do absolutely nothing next month and go e weigh the flow  but I’m really hoping this isn’t an evap or a false positive 🤞🏼 X
  • @Lh8609 I think if you’ve had 2 positives it can’t be an evap. 🤞🏽 It all goes well x
  • Lh8609Lh8609 Regular
    edited Apr 1, 2021 10:01PM
    Just read so many stories about false results in these new frers. When I was pg with my girls they were like the best test around but apparently they’re not so great any more. I’ll believe it when I see it x
  • Oh I hope it is good news @Lh8609- good luck!! Xx
  • Morning everyone just a little update, I’ve woke up feeling a bit sick and my temp had gone up, it was tumbling down at this point last month so I’m really hoping and praying I get a stronger line when I test again tonight 🤞🏼 Hope you’re all ok and everyone has a nice Good Friday. Gona be a long day at work 😁 x
  • Rachael1318Rachael1318 Regular
    edited Apr 2, 2021 5:54AM
    @Lh8609 best of luck to you beautiful!! Praying you get a nice strong line tonight im still patiently waiting on AF day 36 now and negative test a few days ago. Still holding out a bit of hope 🤞🏻xxx
  • Thankyou and I hope she doesn’t show for you too x
  • @Lh8609 I’m so new to this journey. I assumed a positive result would have shown itself by now tested on 29th with digital one and according to the app I’ve been using that would have been 11 dpo. So I’m trying to not get excited but the wait is making me impatient. Going to test again on Sunday with FRER test see if I can spot anything. Xx
  • Yes digital ones aren’t very sensitive, I’m only 10dpo today so I won’t be using my digi till next week, I’ve got a frer for every day of the weekend 🤣 to see if there’s any line progression x
  • Are you allowed to drink during the 2 week wait or could it affect your chance of a successful implantation does any one know? Thank you x
  • @Lh8609 ah well then I guess there is hope yet. Well best of luck to you. I can’t wait to hopefully watch that pink line of yours get brighter as the days go on! Keep us posted! 
  • I will do!

    @Lou_lou234 I personally try not to but I can’t imagine a couple would hurt x
  • @Lh8609 oooh looks like a decent line to me! Fingers crossed for you!! When I had my first babe I used frer and it was quite sensitive and that was a little over a year ago! 

    @Rachael1318 best of luck for Sunday! I find the apps can be a bit off sometimes! 
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