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Fsh/amh levels back and feel so low

I'm just putting it here as frankly could do with some virtual hugs! Got my blood levels back and went into a Google black hole. I know I should wait for my consultants appt but I'm 31 with fsh of 15.8 and amh of 2.7. My ultrasound only shows 3 follicles! 

Have spiralled a bit knowing this means we are going to have a long slog at having a baby and potentially have to look at alternative if my eggs are low in quality.

I can't focus on work and just feel so low. It feels like all this time ttc and the stress of it just was a waste when my body is just producing duds. 


  • Hey @Iski2021! I just read: 

    What AMH is not:

    A predictor of whether a woman can get pregnant spontaneously in the future.

    The only true test of whether a woman is able to conceive, regardless of her AMH values, is for her to get pregnant on her own. A large cohort study demonstrated that there was NO difference in pregnancy rates in women with normal AMH values trying to conceive versus women with low AMH levels (less than 1 ng/mL) trying to conceive.

    If you check your AMH today and get a low number that does not mean you can’t get pregnant tomorrow or in 3 months if you were to try on your own.

    Also according to that site, 2.7 is considered normal? I read that as a general guideline, the lower limit of AMH is 2.5 ng/mL when you're 30. Everything below 1.6 is low, below 0.4 severly low.

  • These levels appear normal @Iski2021 x
  • Thanks for the Google. My fault its 2.7 p/mol which translates roughly to 0.5ish I think for the article above. I'm definitely low but yes it only take one egg and its just a snapshot. I've got to get out of the black hole funk it's just a shock. 
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