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Anyone really up on BBT?

I’ve been temping for about a year and, barring occasional random dips, it’s pretty consistent usually. 

But this cycle has really confused me (my freaky month continues 🤷🏼‍♀️🤣)....

My BBT always dips a couple of days before AF - this month it stayed really high (36.6+) then took a brief dip (36.3) just below my cover line of last cycle yesterday (Cd2) and now today has gone back really high again (36.7).

im CD3 - bleeding fairly normally, a touch light but healthy bright red. CD1 was weird as hell - very dark blood and not much of it but CD2 fine. 
I was 4 days late on my last cycle which has never happened but tested on the third day and got BFN. 

Anyone got any insight??!! I’m so confused!!
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