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Read my monthly cycle log and help me figure out which day I ovulated!!

When did I ovulate? im 25 years old and ttc #1. My cycles are always 29-30 days like clockwork. On cycle day 14,15,16 I noticed EWCM and high soft open cervix. I tested with OPK on day 15 but forgot it was still reading so I didnt check it back until like 15 minutes later. It was positive. Dont know if accurate after that long. I cramped noticeably on cycle day 16 was for sure it was ovulation as I layed down with a pillow in between my legs and went to sleep right after work. I didnt check my CM on day 17 or 18 because i was busy doing wedding planning. Day 19 there was no EWCM. Lets move to day 21 I was completely exhausted and had some pretty narly cramps later in the day at work. I went straight home and checked my cervix and it was high and soft as heck like it blended in with my vagina it was so soft. today on day 22 slight cramps and my cervix is lower still on the soft side but firmer and i can still feel the opening it feels like a jagged edge. Does that mean it is open still? Do you think I ovulated on cycle day 21 7 days after noticing the EWCM or on cycle day 16 2 days after noticing the EWCM? Please help
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