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Trying to convince after an ectopic pregnancy

So I had an ectopic pregnancy in August 2020 and was treated medically. I started trying in February but got a bfn and the same this month. 
Anyone got a success story of getting pregnant after ectopic.... I really need some hope.


  • Nireland2020Nireland2020 Regular
    edited Mar 26, 2021 6:44PM
    Didn’t have etopic Mc a different one to u, but had a miscarriage in February. So in the TTC club again. Have u been tracking ovulation or anything? It will be ur month soon hopefully.? X
  • Yes I'm tracking ovulation and doing it every other day during that time. But AF keeps coming
  • @Rlws did it take u long to concieve ur pregnancy that ended in Mc?? 

    Are u taking prenatal vitamins. I wouldn’t worrie specially since ur only actively ttc 2 months. I was tracking ovulation with clear blue ovulation packs expensive for 2 months 4th month I didn’t use any Iv I just went by cervical mucus so u find u get that when u should be ovulating?? When I was tracking it said I should of been having it but I would of always had it 2 days or so after it said my high was in ovulation terms lol x
  • @Nireland2020 I got pregnant on the 3rd try.

    I'm only taking folic acid atm, what prenatal would you recommend? Im tracking using the flo app. Dr say I should give it a year but it's very sad when I see af arrive.
  • It took me 4 months to concieve  I tracked for 3 I wrote it wrong on my last post. Yes I’m taking the same and evening primrose aswel. Every lady has a different preference. It’s just so stressful isn’t. Yes ya feel like ya let ur partner down or something when af shows. :(. Xxx
  • I'll ask my dr to prescribe a prenatal for me. Yes it is stressful, my husband is very supportive and keep telling me it will happen I need to stop stressing. 
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