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High fertility for 8 days

Hi everyone, I am new to this and have a few questions hoping that other people may have been in similar situations and could help. I came off my contraceptive pill at the end of February, a week later I had my withdrawal bleed. Then following that I started to bleed again on 13th March for about 6 days which I can only imagine is my natural period. I have been using CBD monitor to track my fertility it says from Monday 22nd high fertility every day up until today it is still showing it. I did display a lot of symptoms of ovulation between 18th-20th. I am just wondering is it possible to miss the LH surge? Would it still show high fertility even if I have ovulated? I am new this so not expecting anything to happen so soon but would be good to get an idea of how my cycles are working. Thank you! X


  • Hi there! I use the Clear Blue fertility monitor and in the first month of using it, it will show you a lot of high fertility days until it will lead into a peak. The monitor will have to get to know you first, so to speak. My peak came with day 15 or so. I know it's a bit annoying at first xx
  • That’s great thank you! Weirdly enough I took a test when I got home from work and I have the smiley face to say I’m ovulating now! Will see what happens x
  • Haha ja perfect! Good luck then ;)
  • Thank you! So new to this I didn’t know what to expect with my cycle! Good luck to you as well x
  • I actually got pregnant the first month trying with the monitor ;) it resulted in a chemical one unfortunately, but still,it works ;)
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