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Pregnant ? Or evaporation line ?

Someone please help ! I’m not sure if these are positive or evaporation line . The test I took on the 27th came within 7 min, but today’s test ( the 29th ) came back with a positive after 15 min .... 


  • looks pos to me did it come up in the time frame ?

  • The clear blue says to read within 3-10 mins and on the 27th it came within 7 mins. Today test ( the 29th ) came back positive within 10-11 minutes so I’m kind of leaning towards an evaporation line 
  • @Jennifer9840  Where they bought out of a multipack? They could be faulty if ur thinking of a Evap line but they do look like good strong positives. I would buy another test and re test best of luck xxx
  • Could you re test with a pink dye? Althou these look positive hun the blue dye tests aren’t reliable xx
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