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Chemical pregnancy! (I think)

Hi! I was wondering if anyone can help. 17th March I took a test which showed a faint positive the next day I was heavy cramping and I had a bleed only for two days. I then took another test with lines fading. We thought this was a chemical pregnancy. For the last week I have felt like I have a hangover, nausea, lower back pain, cramp in legs and exhausted. Woke up today when I wiped there was blood spotting followed by bleeding gums when brushing my teeth.  Took a test today and again no lines. Has annoying heard of this or can give advice? Xx


  • Hi there! Unfortunately yes, it does sound like it could have been a chemical pregnancy. I'm so sorry! I had one as well, I know the feeling. Unfortunately it's not uncommon. Good news is that you got pregnant, just something wasn't quite right. Fingers crossed for you that maybe next month will be yours xx
  • Sorry anyone heard of this and having symptoms of bleeding a few weeks after? Xx
  • You saw my answer?
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