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Please help with my story x

Hi I am new and would just like you ladies to share your experiences.

So I think I am pregnant (6 beautiful children already).

I have alot of questions and going out of my mind, and I know you might say "but you have been pregnant 6 times you must know" this is nothing like I have experienced 

So I was due on my period on 14.3.21 I was 3 days late ( normally 28 DC ) I then started bleeding light on 18.3.21 it was for about 30 minutes then stopped, I then lightly bled that night and next morning then stopped (pretty unusual bleed for me) since cd27 onwards I have been getting symptoms of pregnancy, so I tested on 22.3.21 and got faint lines on a CB early CB easy and a IC I tested again on 23rd and 24th all faints on IC, I have been testing since and still faints even this mornings ( by now I am thinking something is really wrong as line should be darker by now).

I have phoned midwives at my local GPS and they said they are going to call me back this week but I am going out of my mind, I am so worried and confused.

Also you might think I am abit delirious saying this but I have also been feeling movement 🙄 (I know crazy) but I was actually woke up last night with what felt like a big kick just under my left rib.

Please tell me I am not 'the crazy lady' lol because this left me in shock.

I am now googling all sort "the hook theory" "period like bleeding during pregnancy" 😣😞

If I missed any information please ask my brain is like mush at the minute.

Please tell me your thoughts x


  • Please tell me I am not going stupid or blind 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️
  • I've heard clear blue are really bad for evaporation lines try a first response I've never has a problem with them good luck hopfully you get your positive when I was trying for mh second my period stopped completely for 6 months I was convinced I was pregnant but was just the stress of trying 
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